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Vaccine report

Analyzing gender differences with COVID-19 vaccine demand

These charts shows gender disaggregated data about the acceptance of COVID-19 vaccine* from July 6, 2020 to Jan 17, 2021 in different countries around the world.

It is represented as a percentage of women and men who say they would get the vaccine, those who say they would not get it, and those who say they are undecided.

The main finding is that women say they have a higher undecided rate in all countries and for all waves**.

Analyzing online conversations around the COVID-19 vaccine through the portal "Early AI-supported Response with Social Listening", the following insights are observed:

In Colombia and Nigeria, conversations about myths related to the vaccine are more present among women.

In India, women concentrate more proportion of conversations than men around the evidence and scientific process of the vaccine.

In France, disinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine is more present in the conversations of women, proportionally.

(*) The survey question was: "If a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes available, would you choose to get vaccinated?"

(**) Except in India in wave 5 and 10, where men have a slightly higher undecided rate than women.

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